About EPIA

Our Mission

Echo Park is a lively community. It is home to many cultures, diverse personalities and non-mainstream perspectives. It, as much as any downtown-adjacent community, has been affected by the social shift to move closer to city centers and away from the suburbs. With the changed perspective, there has been a huge influx of money into the community.

This influx of money has changed the dynamic within our community by revitalizing the commercial district, creating improvements in the restoration of residential properties, and attracting more forward-thinking, dynamic people. This influx of new people has brought about departures of some long-time residents. Everyone in the community is happy to see a reduction in crime and less community blight, but it is difficult to see the working class be forced out because of price increases. Echo Park is often labeled as the center for gentrification in Los Angeles.

The EPIA has been serving the Echo Park community for 20 years. Many of the local non-profits that exist spawned from the EPIA (you can read more about that in the history section), groups that focus on specific issues in the community.

The goal of the EPIA is to be a source for all of these groups to come together, to share information, and be a gathering opportunity for people in the community to make personal connections. We started as a grassroots organization and intend on staying that way. Our focus is to continue to identify opportunities to improve the quality of life in the community that we live in. This includes embracing our diversity, keeping our streets clean and safe, and continuing to bring forward-thinking ideas to make Echo Park the best place possible for all of its residents to live.

We are open to diverse perspectives on how we can help improve the community and bring people together. Our meetings are in a town hall format to allow everyone an equal opportunity to speak and voice their opinions.

Please attend a meeting, sign up for our email list, and let us know how we can help make Echo Park a better place for you to live.